Block Chain, by its very nature, offers to every participant a transparent access to information on the processed transactions. This, along with the decentralized nature of Blockchain, allow participants to initiate and accomplish collaborative and credible transactions without necessarily trust each other. Collaboration via Blockchains can be further improved by the introduction of Smart Contract concept. Smart Contracts are executable programs that embed business logic.  They enforce the enactment of a whole or a part of business process in that they allow performing transactions without third parties’ involvement. These transactions are trackable and irreversible. However, the existing Blockchain and Smart Contracts technology do not take into account the limited resource of IoT objects,  nor the expressiveness of real business processes stemming from real industrial collaboration scenarios. In this presentation, I will introduce Blossom.

From technical point of view, Blossom can be seen a portfolio of tools and services that unify business processes and Smart Contracts. Unification is complete in that the whole life cycle of the processes is covered (Requirement expressions, negotiation, Contractualization, execution, monitoring and validation). Furthermore, Blossom considers the specificity of IoT based business process by introducing new concepts adapted to IoT limited resources as well as the privacy and security of the involved parties and their customers.