Máster en Smart Cities

The term "Smart City" sprung in recent years and it is going to have an ever-growing influence on our society. Some cities have already started to identify themselves as smart by demonstrating their technological adaptation to attract new citizens and investments, optimise city services, improve the living standards and maximize the planned investments.

This master's degree has been introduced as a result of the novel vision of cities and the technological paradigm of Smart Cities. Upon the completion of this degree students acquire a professional profile that is highly demanded nowadays. They will be knowledgeable about the technologies and computer models used within the framework of Smart Cities (data collection, automation, data science, platforms, building automation, energy consumption, efficiency, sustainability, etc.).

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Home https://smartcities.usal.es/en/

This Smart City concept has its origin in Digital Cities, and is based on the use of Technologies
of Information and Communication (ICT) in order to provide services to cover
the needs previously raised.